Concrete & Structural Repairs

Concrete Repairs

Not so long ago we were called to meet a client on site, who told us that he had expected us to repair a demonstration patch to show we were capable of doing so. We pointed to some concrete about six feet away. He couldn’t spot the difference between old and new…

It’s a reflection on progress that there’s as much demand to mend 50-year-old concrete as there is to mend 500-year-old stone…and we can do both. There are a number of reasons why concrete deteriorates, the mix, the reinforcement, freeze-thaw, and we are able to remove and replace both to make a perfect mend. It’s reported that over 50% of concrete repairs fail within two years. Not with Rowland’s. We use our own manufactured mixes to ensure compatibility and longevity and have yet to have one fail.

Structural Repair

During winter storms it isn’t unusual for stonework and masonry to become dislodged or break and to fall to the ground. The potential for disaster is obvious, and the risk of substantial damage claims considerable.

Rowland’s is happy to inspect buildings and report on the fabric and condition of the stonework and masonry, and to make recommendations for remedial work as necessary. We can undertake any work needed and have considerable experience of working at height and of replacing sections of stonework without compromise to the surrounding structure. We can also  repair major cracks and undertake tie bar installations.

There’s a lot more to concrete and structural repair than we can tell you here. Why not get in touch on 0117 953 3550 and we can discuss whatever concrete problems you may be having.